HACCP Certification – Addressing Food Safety through Analysis and Control

Food is a basic need of mankind and its safety should be ensured at each and every step of manufacturing, packaging, retailing, and transportation. All the organizations who deal into food products need to have proper food quality control in order to prevent contamination and misuse of food supplies to prevent the health of consumers. Thus, in order to have good control on the quality of the food products, Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point or HACCP was introduced in seventies and this system became recognized as an international standard for food production. The HACCP system included some procedures for process control in the food chain to ensure that the consumers use the food that is good for their health.

Any organization dealing into manufacturing, trading, supplying, or transportation of food product need to have HACCP certification, which indicates that the organization is committed to produce or trade in safe food. This certification serves as an evidence and prove beneficial when these organizations are subject to inspection by regulatory authorities or stakeholders. In order to protect the health of consumers, it is vital to have food quality control measures that check contamination in food supplies by manufacturers and distributors. This certification proves of great significance in the food industry especially in a world that is marred with highly unprofessional packaging and cooking. With this standard being enforced in the food industry it ensures that only safe and tested food is in the market and people are not supplied with any adulterated food.

Healthy food supply chain is vital for the health of the nation that will further lead to the happiness and prosperity of the nation. This is further ensured by HACCP certification, which is a significant component for a safe food compliance. HACCP not only ensures safety of the end product but also at the different stages of manufacturing, packaging, supplying and transportation. There are several certifying agencies operating but organizations must always prefer to avail HACCP certification from an agency which has presented several such certifications under its belt. An experienced and proficient agency knows and understands the correct certifying procedure and also help food businesses to study their own manufacturing setup and process in order to make it better and improved.