ISO 14001:2015- Standard

Environmental Management System


SIS Certifications Pvt. Ltd. obtained the global accreditation for ISO 14001:2015.

It is our heartily pleasure to announce that SIS Cert. received the official global accreditation status from International Organization for Accreditation services (IOAS) for the new Environmental management system standard. SIS is now able to carry out the audits to the new version of the standard and issue the certificates as per the ISO 14001:2015 standard.

Introduction to ISO 14001:2015

ISO 14001- Environmental Management system is the world’s first international standard that focuses to improve the organization’s environmental stability and performance since its first development as BS 7750 in 1992.
To ensure that this standard continue to serve organization and maintain its relevance in today’s changing business and environmental issues scenario, the standard has been revised. The new standard ensures the changing environmental practices and ensures that the Environmental management system is effective and future proof.
Companies, organizations and society have a global responsibility to grow keeping the natural resources for future generations. ISO 14001 was written keeping the environment in mind and it remains the priority for ISO 14001:2015.

Benefits of ISO 14001:2015 Over ISO 14001:2004 Standard

The revised standard will ensure that the Environmental management System (EMS) is properly aligned and integrated with the business strategies according to today’s changing business and environmental scenario. This standard will focus in optimizing the performance of your EMS making it more sustainable, saving money and help to preserve the world’s resources for future generations.

  • Leadership

    The increased involvement in the management system by the leadership approach will ensure the motivation towards the achievement of goals and objectives.

  • Improved Environmental Performance

    Organizations will need to take serious steps to protect the environment and improve the environmental performance and will lead to optimal use of natural resources. Good environment management system will reduce the risk of regulatory fines and can often identify opportunities to save money leading to the increase in profitability.

  • An Integrated Approach

  • With the new structure applicable to all new ISO management systems standards it will be much easier to implement multiple, integrated management systems.

    How to Get ISO 14001 Certified Easily?

    • Go for the implementation as per the standards
      1. You know that implementing the system standards in your organization has many benefits as well as getting you ahead of the competition.
      2. You also know that being independently assessed and certified with various international system standards gives you credibility and helps attract new customers.
      3. However, you may not have the required resources and expertise and time In house to achieve this on your own.
      4. We can show how and where to get this required additional support.
    • Apply for Certification
      1. As you are ready with the implemented system, send the filled application form.
      2. The application form is forwarded to the accreditation board.
      3. The registration approval is received within 2 working days from the board.
      4. The financial decision is taken and the quotation and agreement is signed.
    • Get your system Audited
      1. As soon as the financial part is decided, you get ready to be audited for the certifications.
      2. Confirmation of the audit date is done and the auditor is chosen from the list of auditors by the board.
      3. The certificate valid for 3 years is released within 15 working days after the audit is performed successfully.
      4. A decided frequency of surveillance audit is decided by the board and the surveillance process is followed between the three years cycle of the certification.
      5. A recertification audit is conducted after the cycle of three years and the process continues.
    Updates: ISO 14001:2015 Standard is Now Published.