ISO 27001 Certification : Everything You Need To Know

Loss of information, theft of confidential data, and damage of critical documents affect your business severely. In times when data and information are under constant threat, it’s crucial to have a system in place to manage and protect it. ISO 27001 is a globally acclaimed information security management framework that’s made to address information security issues. Notably, the framework is applicable across different industry verticals.

Why ISO 27001 is Important for Businesses?

The ISO 27001 standard ideally put guidelines in place to provide a structure for safeguarding information assets. It also makes easier to manage, measure, and improve the information security management process.

ISO 27001 is a set of guidelines that company address three key pillars of information:

Information confidentiality: To make sure that whatever the information is accessed by the recipient is appropriately authorized

Information Integrity: To protect and safeguard the accuracy and completeness of information and other processing methods

Information Availability: To guarantee that information is easily available to authorized users.

Being the most pertinent part of an organization, information drives success by providing management better intelligence, commercial advantage and layout for future plans.

Since most of the companies and corporate store and access the information assets electronically, need for a better protection and safeguard policy is a must. ISO 27001 is a risk based compliance that protects information assets from any potential loss.

How it Helps Consumers?

ISO 27001 gives consumers proof of conformity backed by International Standards that the products, systems and organization they are dealing with are safe, reliable and good for the environment.

How it Helps Businesses?

Like any other international standard, ISO 27001 acts as an important strategic toolkit to let businesses face global business challenges and improve their competitiveness in global marketplace.

Why You Need ISO 27001 Certification?

The certificate demonstrates that your business have a full-fledged system in place to address, implement and control the security of your information assets. The certificate assures company’s information security measures are effective.

Main Elements of ISO: 27001Certification:

The compliance comprises different clauses that include 14 security domain and 114 controls. Some of them are:

  • The organizational context and stakeholders
  • Information security leadership and high-level support
  • Supporting an ISMS
  • Making an ISMS operational
  • Reviewing the system’s performance

Process of ISO: 27001Certification:

1. Initial Assessment: The phase identifies areas of non-compliance and recommends areas of improvement.

2. Writing of Documentation: In the next step documentation is compiled. Authorities then includes compulsory procedures

3. Presentation of Certification: Certification is awarded once all requirements are made.