ISO 45001 Certification – How is it Important for Your Company?

It is been found that over 7,600 people die each day from work-related accidents or diseases. The burden of occupational injuries and diseases is significant, both for employers and the wider economy. This often led to early retirements, staff absence and incrementing insurance premiums. To counter the issue, ISO (International Standard Organization) developed a new standard known as ISO 45001 certification that sets out to provide a robust and effective set of processes for improving work safety in global supply chains. It helps organizations by providing a framework to improve employee safety, reduce workplace risks and create better, safer environment.

Every business/organization seeks a safe and well-managed company. This can be done only when you have a healthy staff. ISO 45001 certification is an occupational health and safety management with the goal of right procedures, policies and control within the management to give the best working conditions according to International Standards. The ISO 45001 certification is recommended to all companies especially suppliers, shareholders, regulatory agencies, contractors, construction companies etc. To be ISO 45001 certified the company must be oriented on identifying risk assessment and controls, writing operational control procedures to control, mitigate occupational risks, ISO 45001 procedures and suggesting best safety practices. A company that has ISO 45001 certification can enjoy an array of benefits. It can cut costs and downtime by protecting employees through safe workstation. You can ensure your staff to work in the most comfortable and safe working conditions. Further, you can put the hazardous places and control them to avoid accidents.

There are many ISO certification bodies for Management System Certifications in India. They help getting you ISO certified in minimum time. Companies like SIS Certifications Pvt ltd ensure that the companies run their business simpler, faster and more efficient without compromising with International Standards. If you haven’t certified your business yet, now it’s time to get ISO 45001 certification!