Step-4-Maintaining your Management System Standards.

You have already achieved the System Certification. Now you have to achieve your objectives, goals and more by Maintaining the certifications.

Make the Most of your certifications.

You can access a number of resources designed for you to achieve your goals and to get through the management system standards certifications. Keeping regular updates on changing needs and requirements of the standards will help you to achieve what you want to. You can always expect a support from your client manager and business reviews and other system certifications to be compliant and competitive and keep improving in your field.

How to maintain your system certifications.

It is not enough to get successfully certified and then expect your organization to keep moving in the direction you want. Only getting the certification does not help you to keep improving and performing at a high level. You need to follow the requirements of the standards as an on going practice else you won’t experience the long term benefit that the standard brings.

The benefits are real but they require a continual working on then to improve the performance.

We carry out the fixed frequent compliance checks and by this you will know if you have allowed the standards to fall. It is a poor practice to rush to improve the implementation status just before the compliance check. The practice of maintaining and implementing the standards need to the part of your daily routine working and the system performance need to be monitor on a regular check to find out the status of your standard implementation throughout your organization.

How SIS Help you to make excellence a habit?

  • We can train your new and old staff to meet the requirements of the standard.
  • We can give your ket staff a refresher training to boost their will to work as per the standards.
  • We can guide you through the documents to cover any part of the standard and queries.
  • You can connect to our expertise and Associate consultants under our Associate consultant program for the special advise.

Use the SIS Assurance mark.

Once you are , you will be able to to make your own mark by displaying the SIS Assurance mark. It act as a valuable marketing tool that will help you to promote your organization . It gives a signal of clear achievement after the proper implementation of the standard which can offer a competitive advantage.

We are recognized globally, that means you will get internal recognition as the business achieves the standards of excellence every day.

You will also be listed in our global directory along with the other leading organizations, which shall help you to open new markets, secure existing ones and compete with confidence.

Integrate to keep getting better

If your management system is certified with one management system standards, you can use the knowledge and requirements of other management system standards to improve other areas of your organization.


If you certified for ISO 9001 quality management system , you can follow the guidelines of ISO 14001- environmental management system. As many of the requirements of ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 are same, following the same guidelines of ISO 14001 will mean that half of the work needed to certify to ISO 14001 is already complete. Further you can go for the occupational health and safety standards and so on.

This way you can integrate the management system standards and streamline the way you manage processes. This makes the work more manageable and eliminates the need to duplicate the work.

Why Choose SIS?

We have been serving from few decades and today we have become one of the leading certification body for management system standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OH&S 18001, ISO 22000 and various other standards. We help over 10,000 organizations ranging from top global brands to small business enterprises in more than 25 countries worldwide. As one of the few organizations that understand the standards from start to finish, we don’t only access how well you are meeting the requirements of the standard but we give you the required improvements which can transform your organization.

We at SIS Cert are highly organized, great at collaboration, accountable, Committed, we follow FFF (Find, Fix and Finish) the problem solving approach, Equally aligned to all the customers and we also respect punctuality. And here come the exact answer why we….yes because you will exactly what you want and we are here only for you…ps: we are highly customer oriented.

The certification to Management System Standards Like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OH&S 18001, ISO 22000, etc. is easy.

  • Go for the implementation as per the standards
    1. You know that implementing the system standards in your organization has many benefits as well as getting you ahead of the competition.
    2. You also know that being independently assessed and certified with various international system standards gives you credibility and helps attract new customers.
    3. However, you may not have the required resources and expertise and time In house to achieve this on your own.
    4. We can show how and where to get this required additional support.
  • Apply for Certification
    1. As you are ready with the implemented system, send the filled application form.
    2. The application form is forwarded to the accreditation board.
    3. The registration approval is received within 2 working days from the board.
    4. The financial decision is taken and the quotation and agreement is signed.
  • Get your system Audited
    1. As soon as the financial part is decided, you get ready to be audited for the certifications.
    2. Confirmation of the audit date is done and the auditor is chosen from the list of auditors by the board.
    3. The certificate valid for 3 years is released within 15 working days after the audit is performed successfully.
    4. A decided frequency of surveillance audit is decided by the board and the surveillance process is followed between the three years cycle of the certification.
    5. A recertification audit is conducted after the cycle of three years and the process continues.