ISO 41001 Certification

The management of the work environment and all the infrastructure associated with it can be termed as facility management. ISO 41001 Certification lays down a set of standards that an organization must follow in order to build a comfortable and sustainable workplace for the associated parties. Every organization already possesses some kind of facility management, but with the increasing complexities due to changing technologies, dealing with multiple processes becomes a challenge. Thus, adhering to a set standard in the form of ISO 41001 can make the task simpler.

Who Should Implement ISO 41001 Certification?

ISO 41001 enlists the requirements for the facility management systems of an organization that:

  1. Wants to demonstrate the efficiency of its facility management system and its effectiveness in meeting the organizational goals.
  2. Aims to sustain in a highly competitive environment.
  3. Meet the requirements of the interested parties consistently.

Why is ISO 41001 Certification Important for Organization?

  1. Facility management market has a huge potential. An ISO 41001 certification demonstrates an effective FM.
  2. It ensured enhanced productivity of the workforce by catering to the needs of their well-being.
  3. Makes the organization sustain in high competition.
  4. It improves cost benefits for the organization.
  5. It considerably improves the brand visibility of your organization.

What is the Scope of ISO 41001?

There are two kinds of facility management- Hard and Soft.
Hard facility management:
It deals with the physical parts- space and infrastructure of the organization.

  • Heating
  • Lighting
  • Air-conditioning
  • Plumbing
  • Fire safety systems
  • Building maintenance

Soft facility management:
It covers the workforce and the clients. It is related to occupational physiology and work psychology.

  • Building security
  • Catering
  • Aesthetics
  • Cleaning
  • Office decorum
  • Mail management

How can we help?

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