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ISO management system standards have advanced businesses and industries worldwide, aiding millions in establishing quality management systems with ISO 9001, cultivating their duty for environmental stewardship via environmental management systems with ISO 14001, and reducing the likelihood of worker injury or ill health through occupational health and safety management systems with ISO 45001. Now, the guidelines presented in the high-level structure are being poised to benefit users pursuing a noble and crucial cause: education.

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ISO 21001:2018 – Educational organizations – Management systems for educational organizations – Requirements with guidance for use was released in May 2018. It is the first edition of the international standard for management systems for educational organizations (EOMS).

Education is the root of productive society. While it is not the conception of one’s thought, education provides an extended period of learning through which one’s knowledge and faculty for decision-making can foster and flourish. However, the actual service of education ranges in quality between institutions or organizations with some profound disparities. Furthermore, even well-performing schools or other places of learning need to evaluate if the educational needs of their learners and other beneficiaries are being met.

In the corporate world, clearly identifying objectives and assessing completed goals helps to measure success. ISO 21001:2018 aims to provide this for educational organizations. In general, the international standard document provides a common management tool for organizations providing educational products and services that are capable of meeting the expected requirements of learners and other beneficiaries or relevant parties.