Accreditation means that we have been assessed against internationally recognized standards and operate to the highest levels of quality and service. Being accredited provides you assurance to you that the certificates issued are credible, authentic, impartial and have been issued after assuring the level of conformance as per the specific standard.

The accreditation reduces the risk to you and your customers and gives you complete confidence that we have been evaluated as per the international standards for our competency and performance capability.

Who we are accredited by ?

We are among the most respected and reputable management system certification bodies in the world and re accredited by one of the most systematic and observant board which does not tolerates any type of certification which is issued without following the proper system.


How to Get ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 21001, ISO 21001, ISO 27001, ISO 37001, ISO 22301, ISO 41001 and Other Certifications Easily?

Go for the implementation as per the standards :

1. You know that implementing the system standards in your organization has many benefits as well as getting you ahead of the competition.
2. You also know that being independently assessed and certified with various international system standards gives you credibility and helps attract new customers.
3. However, you may not have the required resources and expertise and time In house to achieve this on your own.
4. We can show how and where to get this required additional support.

Apply for Certification :

1. As you are ready with the implemented system, send the filled application form.
2. The application form is forwarded to the accreditation board.
3. The registration approval is received within 2 working days from the board.
4. The financial decision is taken and the quotation and agreement is signed.

Get your system Audited :

1. As soon as the financial part is decided, you get ready to be audited for the certifications.
2. Confirmation of the audit date is done and the auditor is chosen from the list of auditors by the board.
3. The certificate valid for 3 years is released within 15 working days after the audit is performed successfully.
4. A decided frequency of surveillance audit is decided by the board and the surveillance process is followed between the three years cycle of the certification.
5. A re-certification audit is conducted after the cycle of three years and the process continues.