ISO Certification By SIS Certifications

SIS- Accreditation Boards
SIS is Accredited by IOAS (Grenadian Government Board) and IAS (U.S. Government Board)


The Importance of Certification

Management system certifications add the sense of realization of a proper system which is being implemented as per the international standards in the customers, stakeholders, investors, etc. and to add value to the organization.

Why Should organizations go for proper Management system certifications?

International Management system standards provide a framework to be followed to develop and implement a proper management system as per the standards. It provides a guidance in managing its processes to meet the required level of quality and objective of the products and the services. The objective covers

  • Customer service
  • Occupant safety
  • Data safety
  • Healthy work environment
  • Environmental targets
  • Legislation requirements

and many more..

Who can get the Certifications?

The International Management system standards are developed and designed to be applied and followed by any type of organization irrespective of its nature, size, sector, public, private or non-profit organization. The standards address each business’ individual objectives, the standards adopted for the certification. It varies from company to company, according to its need and the sector.

The requirement of the standard remains the same, but the interpretation varies from one organization to the other to meet the objectives. Plan-do-check-act is the main principle behind these standards.

How can SIS help achieve the certifications?

SIS Cert is associated with top auditors and your system is audited by our world class auditors who are experienced in different sectors and can audit the management system requirements. Further, on the recommendation given by the auditors, SIS Cert shall issue the certificate accredited by the top most accreditation body, International Organization for Accreditation services (IOAS) which is an accreditation board governed by the government of Grenada and holds the international authenticity.

Career with SIS

SIS is trusted from decades all over the world. It is one of the leading market leaders because it is invested with our 100% passion, pride, and innovation into the work. Our Auditors are specialized in their fields who can give you the best-required improvement in your organization leading to achieve the objectives defined for the quality products and services.

The organization certified for management system standard by SIS Cert. can bear any challenge in terms of quality products and services and achievement of the objectives and policy.

Work Culture at SIS

We at SIS Cert are highly organized, great at collaboration, accountable, Committed, we follow FFF (Find, Fix and Finish) the problem-solving approach, Equally aligned to all the customers and we also respect punctuality.

What is ISO?

International Organization for standardization.

ISO is the non-profit making organization which is in to development and publishing of international standards.


What is a standard?

ISO creates some documents which demonstrates the requirements, specifications, guidelines, characteristics, culture or nature of work that is used to improve the system, process, product and these materials and services that are fit for their purpose.

ISO has published 22122 international standards which can be obtained directly from the online stores of ISO or from their Members.

SO creates documents that provide requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics that can be used consistently to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose.

The ISO standards help in bringing real and measurable benefits to almost all the industry.

ISO standards underpin the technology that we believe are of our use and they help us to get the confidence on the safety, quality and security of the product and service.

What are the basic principles of development of the standards?

  • The ISO Standard responds to the needs and expectations of the market.
  • There are various global experts on whose opinion the ISO Standards are developed.
  • The ISO Standards developed through a multi-stakeholder process
  • The development of the ISO standard is also based on the general agreement from the stakeholders.


Benefits of ISO Standards

ISO was found with the idea of doing the things in the best way. The ISO standards were developed with a very obvious and basic things like weights and measures and over last 50 years, it has developed into a family of standards that covers every bit on this planet- from the water we drink, the shoe we stand in , from the cars we drive, from the food we eat to the wifi networks and ISO standards connect each other through various means.

Along with all these discussions, the international ISO standards mean that consumers can have the confidence on the service, quality, safety, security of the product and services and can trust that these are reliable.

The safety of toys- ISO 8124, Road traffic safety- ISO 38001, Health and safety Management system- ISO 45001 are few more examples to crating the world safer and more reliable to be used.

Regulators and governments count on ISO standards to help develop better regulation, knowing they have a sound basis thanks to the involvement of globally-established experts.


Looking to Get Certified to ISO Standards?

SIS can always help you to understand the basic requirements of standard. The international ISO standard can be obtained through very basic steps-

  • Implementation and documentation of the ISO standard in your organization
  • Apply to us by filling the application fees and depositing the application fees.
  • Get your system audited
  • Closure of all N.C and observations cleared and then issued of certificate.

To apply- Please download the application form using the below link.


Once you have entered ino this page- kindly download the form.


What are the most popular standards?

ISO 9001- QMS

ISO 14001- EMS

OHSAS 18001- Health Safety

ISO 45001- OHSMS

ISO 22000- FSMS

ISO 27001- ISMS

ISO 13485- QMS- Medical Devices

ISO 50001- Enms

ISO 37001- ABMS

And many more ISO Standards.….